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    Julia fondled with her wrinkled hands as she paused from her long narration, Williams, her son, brought her a cup of water and sat by her side.

    Williams: “What! You mean my father and his wife did all these to you? Why did he hate me so much? How did I, as an innocent foetus in your womb offend him?,” he sighed, practically, steaming with anger, then asked with curiosity, “How did you manage to escape?”

    Tears trickled down Julia’s cheeks, Williams moved closer, put his arms around his mother as her voice became croaky; the pains and anguish of Twenty-Nine years ago choked life out of her. Talking about what happened between herself and chief threw her in the arms of desolation-it throb her soul.

    If she had her way she would curse herself with amnesia so that the vicious memory would be long gone but her son needed to know that he wasn’t a bastard; Chief Anthony who happened to be his father didn’t want to acknowledge his existence. The hatred she had for the memory of the relationship with Chief Anthony was immeasurable but she adored the fruit it yielded; her Twenty Nine year old son.

    Williams was her everything, raising him, what she did singlehandedly, had her go through thick and thin, the needle’s eye and the fury furnace but he was worth all the suffering; she did these all by herself without the support from any man, to her, all men were like Chief, who used one to satisfy their sexual orgies and later flung one like an unwanted and overused parcel.

    Julia: “I’ll never get married!” …this was the vow she made since that day and remained faithful to it. Julia went on with her narration,

    Julia: She sighed, “I thought I was going to die but as the touts hired by Chief’s wife were about forcing me into the car, the manager of the hotel where Chief and I lodged came to my rescue saying it was the hotel policy to protect the lives of their guests and if she had any case with me it should be channeled to the appropriate quarters. I was elated; I thanked the manager after which I disappeared to never return.”

    Williams: “What about the man who was supposed to be my father, I hope he died when you pushed him? “

    Julia: “Unfortunately no, he didn’t die. He is currently a very rich man, owns many companies and just one daughter from the woman who almost killed me. I have never seen or heard from him since that time and I never will till I die. He is tall, dark with bald headed with a sharp red birth mark on his chest. His name is Chief Antony Ilu. If you see him at my burial when I die, chase him away.” She warned.

    Williams: “Mama, don’t talk like this. You will not die. That unwanted son of yours is now a medical doctor and I will make sure you enjoy the best of everything in life.”

    Julia: “My son, my pride. Your mother is close to her grave now. I have suffered shame, reproach, hunger and all manner of ailments. All these have contributed to making me feeble. I take solace in the fact that you are well and educated. I gave up my life so that you can live and I will do that again if necessary in the world after.”

    She clung to his wieldy arms as tears freely patrolled her cheeks.

    Williams: “Mama, I will make that man pay for every single pain he caused you. I will kill him with my bare hands for ruining your future. That only daughter of his will pay with her blood; his wife shall kneel and beg for her life. I will tear her apart and throw her body to the dogs. Even if this is the last thing I do, I will Mama. I love you more than life itself.”

    Veins covered his face that once had the visage of innocence as he gazed into the empty space.

    Julia: “Get a wife if you love me, my son. You are a medical doctor with a good job and can afford a wife. Do this and make me happy before the high blood pressure triggered by your wicked father and his Jezebel of a wife send me to the great beyond.”

    Williams: “Okay, I will do just that if… “

    His phone rang, he picked it up and Dele, his party freak friend is on the line.

    Dele: “D doc, u scarce gan o!”

    Williams: “I have always been around o, you know how busy a doctor’s life can be sometimes.”

    Dele: “I know, that’s why I always tell you that you need to unwind whenever you are less busy. At this rate, you will get old before you even get married.”

    Williams: “I unwind by sitting at home with the woman who gave up her happiness for mine. I am not a party freak like you.”

    Dele: “Talking about parties, there’s going to be a hit party in town this night. Wanna come along? “

    Williams: “Whose party? Someone I know? “

    Dele: “A billionaire who just moved in to town is organizing a birthday bash for his only daughter. A business partner of my boss, his name is Chief Antony Ilu and he is the owner of…”

    Williams: “…Chief what?” he cuts in.

    Dele: “… the doc, why the sudden interest in his name? Is he one of your patients? I said Chief Antony Ilu.”

    Williams: “Oh no, don’t worry. You know what? You are right; I need to unwind. It’s been work! Work!! work!! I no go kill myself na.”

    Dele: “ Abi?” He giggled “That’s my man! …So?”

    Williams: “I am free tonight, I will attend the party. I will need you to help me do something when the party is on but we can’t discuss it on phone. I will brief you on our way there.”

    Dele: “Nothing do you, bro-ther! I will come pick you up at 9:00pm, the party is till dawn. Bye”

    Williams dropped the call and held his mother’s hands looking into her eyes,

    Williams: “Mama, the opportunity has come for me to avenge everything my father did to you. The stupid man who was supposed to be my father is organizing a party for his daughter today. I am going there to sniff life out of him and that daughter of his. Tonight is the night of reckoning.”

    Julia: “No, my son. Vengeance is the Lord’s. You cannot penetrate Chief’s bodyguards and harm him or his daughter. They will kill you and bury you in the compound without anyone knowing. Don’t cause me more pain by making me a childless mother after all I sacrificed to keep you alive,” her countenance changed.

    Williams: “Stay out of my way, Mama. He and his family will pay with their blood tonight. Even if I die in the course of doing that, I die a happy man. I have made up my mind and there is no going back.”

    Williams walked out,

    Julia: “No, my son, no. You will not return alive, I know what your father and his wife can do. Nooo!”

    The door banged, she flung herself to the ground whimpering.
    ==Playloaded StOries==
    ………Just when Julia thought her troubles were over, her son is willing to throw away his life in the quest of vengeance for his mother. Will he go ahead with his plans or harken to the voice of his mother? Let’s find out in the next episode, You will not want to miss the unfolding drama.

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