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    Julia made up her mind to damn the consequences and see Chief. She knew that it was a dangerous adventure but she was prepared to risk her life to secure the future of her unborn child. She thought of the money she had used to pay for her night trip to Lagos and how she would have missed the opportunity to see Chief had she gone earlier. She picked up the ticket for the journey and tore it, since she would no longer need to travel.
    ==Playloaded StOries==
    Julia: “Help! Help! Help me, I don’t want to die ooo, she wants to kill me!” Julia kept screaming as Chief’s wife chased her around the hotel room where she went to see Chief. When she got to the room, she didn’t see Chief, she had thought that she would find him in the restroom. She sat on the chair, took off her shoes and was waiting for him to come out when she saw the bathroom door open and Chief’s wife coming out. She came out with a sharp knife and chased Julia around. She pushed Julia to the bed, and as she raised her hand to stab her, Julia woke up panting.

    Julia: “Oh, it was only a dream, it felt so real. I almost felt the knife in my stomach. This is clearly a bad omen. Hmmmm! Going out to see Chief will endanger my life but refusing to see him will endanger my child’s future. I will go and see him”. She said to herself.

    Her one room apartment suddenly became dark and scary, she imagined Chief’s wife showing up anytime and stabbing her to death. She felt goose pimples all over her skin and panicked as she knew that she had to be very careful executing her plans.

    At exactly 7:30pm, Julia rushed to her bathroom which was located at the back of the last room in the building. It was a small make shift enclosure without roof and running water. The stench of urine on the floor was enough to make a corpse twitch its nose. She hurriedly had a quick bath, put on her best dress; a skimpy sexy dinner gown that has never failed to turn Chief on. She dusted her face with her fake Mary Kay powder, applied her fake Mac lipstick and ran out of the house. Chief had told her to meet him by 8:00pm and she knew how much he hated to be kept waiting. She boarded a taxi and headed to Maitama where the guest-in was located. When she got in, she went straight to Chief’s room as the receptionist on duty recognized her as ‘Oga’s pet’.

    Chief Antony: “Ah! Here comes my pet. I missed you so much. Come give daddy a big hug”.

    Julia: “I didn’t risk my life here to hug you. What did you say you wanted to discuss with me? “

    Chief Antony: “Marriage plans of course. Don’t think I will let you go away with my child in your womb. I will marry you secretly; relocate you to the US where I will visit you always. Oh, forget my wife’s threat, she was just bluffing” he turned around and drank from the glass of water he had kept on the side table, then continued, “…You will leave far away in the US where she can’t reach you. I promise to give you the best of everything and I will.”

    Julia: “Oh my God, you must be kidding, Chief! Thank you, I love you so much.”

    My hormones raged on fire as we settled on the hotel bed that fateful evening. I stammered, drawing close to feel his pulse. It was just as if a great current ignited in us that very moment. We began kissing, undressing each other with great energy AND…

    (She flung herself at Chief, kissing and hugging him. They got engrossed in passionate romance).

    At first, it just started with a simple kiss, which abruptly turned into a huge exchange of kisses. Our bodies instantly lit up with fire as we caressed each other, throwing away every caution as we devoured each other, kissing, caressing and fondling. I felt on top the World that moment, it was just as if we have been waiting for that spectacular moment.

    In no time, we were naked in the room. Our clothes flung miles away as if they were thrown by sea waves.

    Oh yes! Pardon me Playloaded Readers (afterall, body no be firewood na), I couldn’t control it anymore. The Sexual wave in the room was much stronger than anything you could ever think of.

    Chief Anthony: “Love you dear. Let me feel you. Let me love you with all my heart.”

    Julia moaned as she hungrily bit her lips. She started caressing Chief’s head and urging him to go on. Infact, there wasn’t any doubt she needed it badly. She was overly wet and ready to receive all Chief had to offer.

    Chief Anthony’s Joystick superbly erect as she shook and screamed feeling the length inside her, clasping her hands round his naked bum while Chief was busy plunging in and out with great energy.

    With one deep moan, Chief deposited everything inside her, breathing heavily as he slowly regained control of himself.

    That night, she gave Chief her body like never before, they made love all night and she did whatever Chief wanted. She woke up at 6:30pm with pains in her anus and other parts of her body where Chief had used for his pleasure. When she was fully awake, she saw a man in white jackets and a hold-all bag. Her heart flew to her heart; she thought Chief had fallen ill while she was asleep.

    Julia: “Excuse me, who are you? “ She grabbed her robe from the other end to cover her exposed breasts.

    Man: “I am Chief’s doctor, the one that takes care of his personal stuffs,” he smirked.

    The man, in his late thirties, was an uncertified doctor, who got expelled in his final year at the study while studying medicine for cheating. Chief always used him for his dirty deals since he had the knowledge needed to function in the medical field.

    Julia: “Is Chief sick? Where is he, what happened to him? “

    Man: “Chief is fine; I am here because of you”.

    …………Hmmm, it is even getting more complicated. What does Julia need a doctor for? Lets find out this and more in the next episode, you cannot afford to miss a piece of this unfolding drama that has taken a dramatic twist!

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