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    The look on her face after Julia told her about the owner of her pregnancy was terrifying. Her eyes became blood shot and her countenance changed. She was scared of what her reaction will be but deep within her she was glad she was causing her some pain. It was nothing compared to the pain her husband caused her.

    Julia was hoping that Mrs. Anthony would vent the anger on her husband and accept her into their home as a co-wife. Julia was still basking in the euphoria of the pain she was inflicting on her when like a bull dog she charged at Julia. In a blip, Julia had received four steam slaps that stung her, she stumbled to the ground, before she stood to regain balance Chief’s wife tore at her with her claws, the claws of a tiger all over Julia’s face.

    Julia felt blood flowing into her eyes, mouth smearing her dress, she kicked heavily at Julia’s stomach with her shiny high heeled shoe. Julia felt life slipping out of her, she did let out a loud agonizing scream. The receptionist and other workers rushed into the office but she ordered them out.

    Mrs Antony: “get out of here, all of you if you don’t want to lose your job. I can’t remember calling any of you in here! Get out I say! “She opened her eyes like a fierce lioness and became more furious. Immediately she said that, everyone ran after all, stumbled upon one another and tried to dodge whatever Mrs. Antony was sending forth this time; who wants to be jobless in this time of economic recession? She picked up her phone and dialed her husband’s number.

    Mrs Antony: “Honey, hope you are comfortable in the office, I will soon join you. I am teaching one silly girl the lesson of her life. “She panted.

    Chief Antony: “What! I hope you are not hurt? What did the girl do? “

    Mrs Antony: “She said she is pregnant for you. “

    Chief Antony: “Pregnant for me? Is she crazy? This must be the work of my political enemies or business rivals. What sort of blackmail is this? She won’t get a kobo from me. In fact, I am coming over there to deal with her. “

    Mrs Antony: “Don’t bother, my love. I can handle her, that’s why I am the human resource officer.”

    While she was talking to her husband, Julia managed to stand up, cleaned the blood on her face with her palms because she knew that staying there was dangerous as the woman was like a wild animal preparing to devour her. She was making for the door when she felt Chief wife’s hands on her shoulder shoving her back to the ground violently. At this point, Julia started crying uncontrollably, she knew that was the end of the road for her.

    Julia: “Is this how you will die in this woman’s hand?” Julia thought. She was about to open up her mouth to plead with her to spare her life when Chief’s wife started talking.

    Mrs. Antony: “Now, young lady, I haven’t even done anything to you and you look this messed up. I could kill you here, have one of the errand boys in the office throw your body into the bush at night and nobody will know. As for the thing in your womb, I know that my husband is responsible. But you see, you can’t be accepted into my family. I have a daughter and all that my husband has is hers alone. You are not the first lady to get pregnant for my husband. The rascal knows how to attract young girls with his looks and money. All the girls who dare to get pregnant for him have been sent to God for judgement by me and I will do same to you if you don’t carry your dirty legs and walk away forever. You piece of garbage!”

    Julia: “Please, ma. I… “

    Mrs Antony: “Ssshhh! You don’t talk when I am talking if you still want your head on your neck. Now, because you said you are an orphan, I will give you the opportunity to live but you have to take an oath that you will never show your face here again or go anywhere near my husband. If you do, I will slit your throat and have your body thrown into the sea.“

    Julia: “I swear, ma, I will never return here, I will never contact your husband or go close to him for anything. I will leave this town and never return if only you will spare my life.”

    Mrs Antony: “Good, now get lost forever. No, wait, here is 50,000, use it to flush out the animal in your womb and take the next bus out of Abuja. If I smell you anywhere around Abuja, I will kill you and don’t ever think of playing a smart one on me, my agents are everywhere. Now, out!”

    She flung the money at Julia and she, Julia, looked confused as she didn’t know if she was to pick up the money or leave it and run away as fast as her legs could carry her but she knew that would mean selling out the right of the unborn child to meet his father in the future. But, how could she leave the money behind when she has no money in the world. Fifty thousand was a lot of money to Julia and that doubled her salary in ten folds. She could use the money to offset the four months’ house rent that she was owing so that she could pack her bags and leave Abuja for Lagos or anywhere far away. She also needed money for transportation fare. She picked up the money and fled the office. She was intercepted by one of the security men at the gate.

    Security: “My sister, nor vex say I stop you. If you like your sef just dey go your way. Oga wife strong pass winsh for village, if you appear for this place again, your case na sorry ooooo. We nor fit count how many girls wey miss after dem come here talk say Oga don give dem belle” he used his left hand to drag his left ear and then continued, “Nor tell anybody say na from my mouth this one from come, I never ready to collect sack letter. You sef, carry yourself go anoda town. I don talk my own!”

    Julia: “Thanks, I appreciate the concern.”
    ==Playloaded StOries==
    Julia was packing her bags to leave with the night bus to Lagos when her phone started ringing. She jumped with a start and was afraid it may be Sikira calling. She knew she had offended her but she couldn’t face her or the manager. She picked up the phone to ignore the call and removed the Sim card. When she saw that it was not Sikira calling but Chief Anthony, she picked up the call with all the anger in her.

    Julia: “Chief, it shall never be well with your generation! I hate you and I curse…”

    Chief Antony: “Calm down and listen to me. We need to talk; I have great plans for you. Meet me at our usual rendezvous by 8:00pm. I miss sliding in and out of your… “

    Julia pounced on the red button before he could complete his erotic sentence. Chief’s call confused her. The moment she heard his voice, all her anger melted away. She wanted to be in his arms once more and cry on his shoulders but she remembered his wife, her threats and the promise she made never to go near Chief. But meeting Chief could turn things around as he could get her a house in another state where he will keep her as a secret second wife without his wife finding out-that will guarantee a future for herself and her unborn child but if anything goes wrong, she could be killed. She stood still and thought deeply….. To be continued.

    You cannot afford to miss a piece of this unfolding drama that has taken a dramatic twist.

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