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    Julia sat in the office’ reception with a long face and restless feet; She glanced at the silver colored Seiko watch on her wrist which read 12:47pm.

    Julia: “What!” she exclaimed loudly. “I have been waiting in this reception for over two hours for this man to see me”. She thought of what she would tell her manager in the petrol station where she works as an attendant.

    Julia couldn’t imagine his reaction when he finds out that she was yet to resume for morning shift which starts at 9: 00am. She knew it would amount to outright dismissal but she didn’t mind because she was pregnant for the single, very rich 59 years old Chief Iwu. She thought of the conversation which she had on phone this morning with her colleague who was to stand in for her before she resumes. She had dialed Sikira’s number at 6:10am. After dialing the number three times, Julia was afraid Sikira would never pick up the phone thereby ruining her plans for the day. Sikira’s masculine voice answered the call on the other end to her utmost relief.

    Sikira: “Julia, wetin happen, you see me for your dream? Abi you dey find who to call with your bonus airtime because e go expire today?”

    Julia: “ah!, Sukura no…”

    Sikira: “I don warn una say my name no be Sukura but Sikira, I no be una mate, if no be condition, I fit get your type as daughter in law.”

    Julia: “Okay, aunty Sikira, sorry. I am on hot seat that is why I am calling this early”

    Visibly disappointed, Sikira cursed under her breath and managed to reply.

    Sikira: “Who be aunty, I look like dat your aunty wey dey wait for death for your papa house fo una village? Wetin concern me with your hot seat? Who say make you go ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ programme when you know say you be olodo wey no know book? That na why you come dey call me early morning like say I hold your destiny.”

    Julia: Sikira, that’s not what I mean. I need a favor from you. I will be going to somewhere this morning and I want you to stay at my post when you finish your night shift till I return which will not be later than 10: am.

    Sikira: “where you wan go, who die?”

    Julia: “If someone had died, it would have been better because the problem of this world is too much. I want to go and see that my man friend, he is the owner of my pregnancy and he hasn’t been picking my calls for over a month now. I want to use the complimentary card he gave me the day we met to trace him to his office so I can tell him the good news of his child growing in me. I intend to make you my maid of honour on my wedding with him which he will start planning as soon as he receives this good news.”

    Sikira: “Which man friend, you mean your sugar daddy?” Anyway sha, no stay pass 10am o, na dat time oga supervisor dey show and I no want wahala.”

    Julia: “he is not a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is an elderly man who is married. My man is single and he is just 59 years old.”

    “Excuse me young lady, I am talking to you!” The receptionists voice interrupted Julia’s thoughts.

    Julia: “erm, sorry madam, wetin you talk”?

    Receptionist: “I said go in, oga is ready to receive visitors and behave yourself while in there else you get kicked out!”

    Realizing that the hour has come for her to see her lover made her nervous. She thought of how she would begin by scolding him for not picking her calls and not returning her call after the last time they made love in his guest house somewhere in Maitama about two months ago.

    Receptionist: “ Why are you standing there like a stupid fool? I said go in and don’t keep the boss waiting.” The receptionist thundered.

    She braced up and pushed the door into the office opened. Julia noticed a big mirror in the office. She gazed at it, she smiled loving her hips which is one of her greatest physical asset.

    Julia was nervous and at the same time excited. Her heart instantly overflowed with great joy like someone who just won a jackpot, seeing her man, Chief Anthony, making a call with his brand new Sony Xperia Z5, the cheapest among his five cell phones. His office was large and well furnished, it could pass for the office of a ‘big politician’. The big Samsung television on the wall opposite his table caught her attention. She didn’t know that televisions could have such big screen and even if they do, they should only be found in Cinemas, a place she has never visited. She thought of how she would have this type of television in her sitting room when he marries her in a few months.

    Julia slowly screened the office room, spotted an enlarged portrait of her man with a pretty light skinned lady, a tight fitting denim top caught her attention. She thought that the lady must be his beloved sister since he told her he is single. Chief Anthony’s voice cut short her thoughts.

    Chief Antony: “Yes, what can I do for you? Why are you here?”

    Julia: “Baby, you haven’t even offered me a seat or hugged me like you usually do. I miss…” She swallowed hard with shock and guilt.

    Chief Antony: “Cut the crap, what are you doing here?”

    Julia is shocked and taken aback, she loses her voice momentarily.

    Julia: “erm, erm, I, I, I just…” Her heart pounded furiously.

    Chief Antony: “erm, erm you just what? Am I owing you?”

    Julia: “no, but we, you and I…love, I just want to…” she stammered breathlessly.

    Chief Antony: “Okay, I see that my secretary did not tell you the rules of the office. Go to the next office, that’s the office of the company’s human resource officer and she is my wife. Tell her whatever it is you want, she could offer you appointment as a cleaner if there is vacancy”. Chief preached while Julia shrugged with resignation.

    Julia couldn’t believe her ears nor her eyes. “could this be a dream?” she asked rhetorically. Here was the man who had lied to her that he was single, slept with her consistently without protection referring her to his…wife? She couldn’t bring herself to accept the fact that he was married. She thought of the countless number of times she had given him a ‘blow job’ and permitted anal sex against her wish. She was still engrossed in her thoughts when she heard him roar:

    Mr Antony: “Go to the human resource office and tell her what brought you here and never return or I will call the security to throw you out.” he warned sternly.

    She ran out like one chased by a ghost, muttering inaudibly like one possessed by an evil spirit .

    Julia:” Chief……..?” Julia said in a shaky voice. Her lips moved but no words came. She looked up at him, searching his eyes for unhidden answers.

    She stood at the corridor of the offices not knowing where to go or what to do, her small Aba made Versace bag fell helplessly on the floor emitting all of its contents(eye pencil, mirror, tissue paper and ear phones) but couldn’t bend to pack them or pick her bag for her hands were shaking like one suffering from Parkinson disease.

    Tears clouded her eyes, she looked visibly scared. Chief surprised her with the unexpected offer as She couldn’t find her voice for some seconds. She couldn’t believe her ears. She felt those harsh words were NEVER real.

    Julia breathed deeply, closed her eyes for some seconds-she felt her feet planted to the ground………To be continued.





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