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    “I like Samuel very much, but i’m scared of making another mistake” i confessed to Mariam, on our way back to our hostel from school the following day, while she just smiled,

    “Sometimes i don’t understand you” i heard her say, which made me to stare at her in surprise,

    “What do you mean?” i asked,

    “Nothing oo jare” she replied, which only made me more curious to know what she had in mind,

    “Nawa for you, tell me what you have in mind nah?” i insisted, and she stared at me for a while, with a very serious look on her face,

    “Your problem with Emmanuel happened last year, what i don’t understand is why you are still mourning him, and equally punishing yourself till now” she said, which really shocked me immensely……..

    “Who told you i’m still mourning Emma or punishing myself?” i asked seriously,

    “Isn’t it obvious that you are, it’s been months since you last had a guy in your life, which kind of punishment is more than that?” she fired back,

    “Abeg oo, it’s no punishment to me, i’m single and happy” i replied with a smile, while she laughed for a while…….

    “Comot there jare! pretender, don’t tell me that crap again jor” she said with laughter, while i eyed her…….

    One thing i really do love about my friend Mariam, is her honest and blunt nature, and she never hid her feelings from me, even for a single day, though sometimes she may be annoying,

    “If you like, continue to play hide and seek with that poor boy’s feelings, i have nothing else to tell you again” she added, while i slapped her shoulder,

    “Madam it’s okay nah” i replied her……..
    Falling in love for the second time isn’t that easy, especially when you have been so terribly dealt with, the first time, but then love is an inevitable force of attraction which do come to every human being, and when it comes, carries your whole body, soul and even sense of reasoning with it………

    Truly i was so scared of being hurt again, cos i knew i barely managed to survive my first heart break, which really wasn’t easy for me and seriously i equally didn’t know how my friends, especially Mariam were able to jump from one relationship to another without any emotional break down,

    “How i wish i could just be like them” i had often said countless times, but then i really couldn’t be like them, because we are not the same…….

    We soon got to our hostel, where Mariam gave me a sweet smile before going to her own room, which she shared with her boyfriend.

    “Take care, i will come to your room later” she said as she smiled……..

    As i unlocked my door, Samuel came out from his own room, with a sweet smile on his face,

    “Finally you are back, i have been lonely all day” he said as he came towards me, while i stared at him with a smile, and i felt like hugging him that moment, as my body yearned for his arms around me, but i kept myself in check, and swallowed my wishes, because i equally knew he had no morale to hug me in that manner in a hostel corridor,

    But surprisinly he drew close and hugged me, which really drew out dimples from my face,

    “I couldn’t sleep last night because i was thinking about us” i equally heard him whisper……

    “Hmmm love is full of surprises”….

    We entered my room together, where he sat quietly on my bed and watched as i quickly prepared rice that afternoon, because i returned from school with hunger. But the way he stared at me that afternoon really made me to lose concentration a couple of times and equally made me uncomfortable…….

    “Please stop staring at me nah” i finally muttered while he laughed,

    “But i can’t stop myself from staring at you nah” he replied with my tone, which made me to sigh with a smile,

    “You better go back to your room and watch your t.v, since you are looking for who to watch” i fired back while he laughed out loud.

    “Watching you cook is more interesting than any t.v programme” he joked while i eyed him,

    “Big head” i cursed.

    “Flat nyash” he cursed back.

    “Na there your eyes go see fast” i replied, while he fell on the bed as he laughed,

    “Madam cook fast, i’m very hungry” he said as he laughed,

    “I’m not your mother” i replied, as i eyed him…….

    After cooking, i freshened up in my bathroom, before dishing out the rice i cooked on a large plate. We ate together in silence and the way he ate really told me that he was actually hungry…..

    “You cook nice but my mum cook’s better sha” he finally joked with a smile when he was filled up, while i eyed him,

    “Because you don fill your stomach nah, why didn’t you make that comment earlier?” i asked with an angry mien, while he smiled,

    “Hope there is still some left in the pot?” he also asked,

    “Why are you asking?” i asked back with a frown,

    “Because i will still eat at night nah” he replied, while i sighed with a smile, seriously that boy’s head needed to be spanked that moment……..
    We were soon in his room where we joked and laughed as we watched a movie and i really was very glad that he finally was able to feel free with me……..

    Then he made a statement which shocked me.

    “This is my first time of being this close with a girl” he confessed as he swallowed hard, while i stared at him in silence, because i really knew not how to react or what to say, but then his eyes really said it all as he looked into mine.

    “So Samuel is actually a virgin, how i wish i had kept mine till now also” i said to myself, as i stared back at him with a fast beating heart.

    To be continued after some comments below.

    I’m loving this story

    Nice one



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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