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    As soon as Emmanuel packed and left the hostel, i felt very empty and it looked as if i had lost something precious, cos i really had gotten used to his presence. I couldn’t even stay five minutes without thinking about him, nor stay an hour without flashing or calling his phone.

    Seriously it really appeared as if my whole life depended on him and that was equally when i started to notice some changes in him.

    His phone calls drastically reduced to the extent of twice on a very good week, which i really didn’t care about, since i did most of the calling, but the one which pained me the most was when he didn’t call me on my birthday, but only sent me a text message which got me extremely annoyed……

    “How can a text message be compared to his sweet voice?” i had asked myself throughout that day as i waited patiently for his phone call which never came. Yet with tears in my eyes i read his text message over and over again till i finally slept that fateful night without hearing his voice.

    “Or was he waiting for me to call him on my own birthday?” i wondered sorrowfully.

    It really was very disheartening to receive phone calls from friends who meant nothing to me, while the person i called my boyfriend found it very hard to call me and that moment was equally when i began to have serious doubts about him.

    “Did i truly choose the right person?” i asked myself over and over again that fateful night.

    I didn’t expect him to buy me jewels, nor clothes, because i knew he just graduated, but all i wanted was just to hear his voice that particular day which was very hard for him to satisfy me with.

    I couldn’t control my emotions the following day and with a shaking hand, i dialed his phone number.

    “Hey baby, what’s up?” he asked when he picked his phone, but due to my anger i couldn’t answer him, but instead poured out my unhappiness to him.

    “You have really changed! You can’t even call me on my birthday, you are very heartless, please don’t call my number again!”

    I poured out to him before ending the call. Even though i shouted at him, i really had expected him to call me back. So I held my phone hopefully, thinking that he would call back but he equally found it too difficult to call back. I really can’t describe how i felt that moment, because i was more than devastated. He finally called me around 9pm, but due to my anger i refused to answer my phone, which rang five times before a text message came in.

    The text message was from him and when i read it, i nearly fainted.

    “I know it will come to this one day but i never expected it could be so soon, anyway goodluck with your life, i know you are with another guy that’s why you are not answering your phone. I won’t disturb you again just as you ordered”.

    The text message he sent me really smote my heart and tears dropped out from my eyes as I read it over and over again.

    “So Emmanuel had never trusted me”, i said to myself as i cried and the urge to call him back and beg him that moment was so great, that i had to drop my phone.

    “Life why are you this cruel?” i heard myself ask. Mariam my roomate rushed to my side with concern written all over her face but i said nothing as i handed my phone to her. Her face equally turned white as she read the text message Emmanuel sent me.

    “Hmmmm so so cruel”, i said to myself as all the memories kept flashing back……

    “Baby girl, this text message shouldn’t depress you nah. I believe he is just angry, you know how guys behave sometimes” Mariam tried to console me but yet i was unable to stop myself from crying that night.

    The following morning, she called him with her own phone but he refused to answer which really surprised Mariam and all she did was just to shrug and shake her head.

    “Don’t get yourself worked up over him, he should be the person to cry for you, so dear lets forget about him and prepare for market, you know our food stuffs has finished” she said to me as she expertly changed the topic.
    Emmanuel never called me, neither did i see him for the rest of that year but i soon pushed him to the back of my mind as i focused all my energy in my studies, which was why i came to school in the first place and not to fall in love with someone who doesn’t deserve me.

    However that period was very traumatic for me, beause i woke up sometimes feeling very lonely. What really kept me going was my determination to get over him as i swore not to be so easily used again. Although i couldn’t really believe that a guy like Emmanuel, who took me when i was very pure could easily forget me, as if i never existed. This equally made my heart very strong and hard towards guys that most of them avoided me because of my cold behaviour towards them.

    It was also because of my past with Emmanuel, which made me to pack out from my former hostel and move into the hostel where i met Samuel.

    Hmmm Samuel. The guy who softened me a bit and made my heart beat fast again.
    “Hope I’m not making a major mistake again?” i asked myself as i tossed around on my bed but then i really didn’t know how his charms were able to soften my heart and turn me back to a sweet girl capable of loving again.

    I was still thinking about him when my phone rang briefly and stopped, when i checked the caller, it was no other person than Samuel who had flashed me. A smile appeared on my face. I checked the time it was 12:15 am.

    “Why is he awake by this time of the night? Is he thinking about me?” i asked myself with a smile, and i was still pondering over it when sleep finally carried me away.

    Oh my Samuel……

    To be continued.




    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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