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    I still vividly remember that fateful night as if it was yesterday. The day i thought i was doing the right thing for the guy i loved and adored….

    That fateful day was February 14th of my first year in the university, and i was a simple naive virgin who knew not that a guy could go any length just to take a woman’s most cherished treasure…….

    Emmanuel and i had dated for 1 Year and 3 Months prior to that particular day, and even though i felt strongly for him, i never allowed him to go beyond kissing me, and he never bothered to go further, because according to him, he valued me more than satisfying his urge, which i really fell for, coupled with his humble nature and behaviour, without knowing that i was digging my own pit……..

    On that fateful valentines day, he took me shopping, where he bought few clothes which he could afford for me, before treating me to a delicious meal in ‘Sweet s£nsat!on’, which was one of the best fast food available in our vicinity that year…. We really spent much time there, eating, joking and taking pictures. I must confess he really spent a lot on me that fateful day, which really swept me off my feet and i equally decided to surprise him with a gift of my virginity cos i thought he deserved it… (how foolish i was).

    When we got back to his hostel later in the evening, i kissed him gratefully while he held me tenderly.

    “Hope you are happy?” he asked.

    “Yea baby, I’m so so happy” i replied him.

    Emmanuel really is a very tall and heavily built guy who was in his final year…….

    He carried me up, kissed me again for a while, before gently laying me on his bed, and we stared at each other, while my eyes melted as his heavy gaze went all through my body which sent shivers down my spine……

    “I’m all yours tonight, but please be gentle” i said to him, while he gave me a weird look.

    “Hope you are sure about this?” he asked with an innocent look on his face.

    “Yea as long as you promise to keep your word that you will never abandon me” i replied, while he smiled deeply,

    “I swear with my life baby, i will never leave you as long as i’m alive” he swore.

    “Then i’m all yours sweet heart” i said with a wink, while he smiled, and that was how he had his way with me.
    “Please stop it’s okay” i finally pleaded as i strongly held him, while he gazed into my eyes and jerked as if something had pushed him from behind, before lying on top of me. I closed my eyes as i breathed deeply and gently pushed him away.

    “I’m so sorry for hurting you” he apologised as he felt my face with his palms, while i unsuccessfully tried to fight back tears which finally dripped out of my eyes. Why was i crying? I knew not, because i gave him my body willingly and not under duress, but i guess the guilt and feeling of losing my most cherished treasure which i had swore to keep for my future husband made my cry…….
    Emmanuel was very caring and comforting as he tried to appease me that night. He boiled hot water for me, made tea for me and even held me all through the night. Truthfully he really was very romantic, which equally increased the love i had for him.

    Oh! he simply was an angel that night and i was deceived into believing it was all real, hmmmm who knew how he must have laughed in his mind that night!

    As the whole event played back in my head, i clutched my teddy bear and cried. Even though i had gotten over our break up, i still haven’t gotten over the feeling of losing my virginity to him. How could i have known that it was just a game to him, cos he really captured my heart, stole my body and swept me off my feet with his charms…..

    “Dear lord i’m now in love again please guide me” i prayed even though in my mind i knew my prayer lacked merit.


    Lesson 1: How foolish i was to have given him my precious asset with the feeling that he will forever be mine if i can give him that.

    Most ladies are still making this mistakes and will keep making it, don’t be one of them!

    To be continued….. Drop your comments below and stay tuned.

    Very true ,sex does not keep a man ,he stays becos u are worth it …….

    Nice story



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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