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    “I didn’t come for a friendly visit, please leave Samuel and i alone, we didn’t do anything to you” i barked at him furiously, while his smile quickly died away, as my words hit him like a disfigured 504 salon car…….

    Linda equally stared at me with confusion in her eyes, while David quickly controlled his surprise and forced out a smile again,

    “Come inside lets discuss, i don’t understand your outburst” he said to me, but i just eyed him furiously and walked away fearlessly……..

    ‘Imagine the idiot even have a girl in his room, tomorrow he will claim that she is his sister mtcheeeew” i said with a long sigh as i walked towards Samuel’s room…….

    “Where did you go?” he anxiously asked, as soon as i entered his room,

    “I went to give that silly David a piece of my mind” i replied, while his face coloured immediately……

    “Are you crazy? What did you just do?” he asked with a slightly raised tone, while my eyes equally sparkled with anger as i stared at him….

    “You asked whether i’m crazy right? No wahala i brought all these problems and insults upon myself” i said angrily, stood up and left his room,

    “No wait i never meant to insult you” i heard him plead, as he rushed up and held my left hand, but i snatched it from him and walked into my room……..

    He knocked on my door for hours, called my phone countless times, and even sent me lots of text messages that evening, which i all ignored, because i really wanted to punish him a little, though i must confess i enjoyed every bit of it……..

    I equally heard David’s ‘pattern of knocking’ on my door later in the night, i equally ignored it and slept away…….

    Early the next day, i went downstairs with my bucket to fetch water, because i earlier planned to travel home that fateful day.

    “Hello” i heard a feminine voice greet, as i was filling my bucket with tap water, i turned instantly with a smile, and there stood the same girl i saw in David’s room the previous day staring at me……

    “What’s up dear” i replied politely,

    “Do you recognize me?” she asked,

    “Of course i do. Were you not the girl i saw in David’s room yesterday?” i replied and asked,

    “Yea i’m the girl, i’m so sorry for being a little rude to you yesterday” she apologized, while i laughed,

    “Were you rude to me? Hmmm i didn’t even notice it, anyway it’s cool my name is Mary” i said to her,

    “Thanks dear, mine is Linda” she replied,

    “Yea i know” i said with a smile as i carried my bucket, while she blushed…….

    “Please there is something i wish to sit down and discuss with you” she humbly pleaded. I stared at her in surprise and breathed deeply,

    “I’m travelling today, but i’ll be back by tomorrow afternoon, will tomorrow evening be okay for you?” i asked,

    “Yea it will, i will come over to your room” she replied with glittering eyes, which made her look even more beautiful.

    “Do you know my room?” i asked with surprise,

    “of course i do” she replied with a smile,

    “okay till then” i said as i nodded in agreement, before walking away with my bucket of water, while my thoughts kept me company, as i wondered what she really wanted to discuss with me…
    I really couldn’t relax when i finally travelled home that fateful day, as i kept on wondering what Linda wanted to discuss with me, but then i really had no clue nor choice, than to have patience till the next evening when we scheduled our meeting for…….

    “I don’t understand you anymore, are you still angry with me?” i heard Samuel ask, when i finally answered his phone call later in the evening. Truly i equally was so glad to hear his voice, because even though i really was angry with him, for the tone and words he used on me the previous day, i equally knew i also was at fault…..

    “Let’s just forget about it, it’s all in the past” i replied calmly,

    “Thank God you know, anyway where are you?” he asked,

    “I travelled home but i will be back tomorrow” i replied,

    “My God! See your way nah, you just travelled without informing me?” he accused bitterly,

    “I’m sorry, though you caused it” i muttered quietly…….
    I returned the next day, with a heavy pocket, and lots of foodstuffs which gladened my heart and made me very happy,

    “GOD bless you mummy” i sang to myself…….

    2pm, After i had kept all my foodstuffs in their locations, i freshened up and headed to Samuel’s room, dressed in my black sleeveless top and a short. With a bowl of oranges, guava and English pear on my left hand, i knocked on his door, which opened seconds later,……

    “Oh goodness me!” he exclaimed immediately his eyes fell on me. I smiled and cat-walked into his room,

    “Did you miss me?” i asked with a smile,

    “Of course i missed you” he replied instantly as he stared at me with a surprising look……..

    “Here are the fruits i brought for you, hope you know how to peel oranges?” i asked with a smile, as i stood up seconds later,

    “No i don’t know how to peel them” he replied jokingly.

    “I will peel them for you later in the evening, i want to go and prepare soup with the ingredients my mum gave me, before they get spoilt” i explained, while he breathed deeply,

    “Okay then lets go together” he said with a smile,

    “No don’t bother i’m expecting a friend” i replied. He bit his lips and stared at me suspiciously, but luckily for him, he didn’t ask any stupid question which could have brought another problem between us……..

    “Okay then, i guess i’ll have to wait here for the soup” he said with a forced smile,

    “I never said i was bringing any for you” i joked, touched his jaw and left without another word……..

    I really do love to cook, and it really is one of the qualities i inherited from my mum, who never gets tired of cooking even when her children is around.

    I was soon done with the soup minutes later, and as i was about bringing it down from my stove, i heard gentle knocks on my door……

    “Hey dear, hope i came at the right time?” linda asked sweetly, when i opened my door a minute later,

    “Yea dear, infact you came at the right time, i just finished cooking a pot of soup” i replied politely,

    “Hmmm really!, i thought you just returned?” she asked, while i just smiled and shrugged,

    “kpom kpom kpommm kpom kpom kpom kpom!” David’s pattern of knocking soon sounded on my door, moments later as we were about settling down for discussion,

    “Who could be knocking this way?” i heard linda ask,

    “I think it’s David” i answered with a smile as i watched her face, while she instantly gasped in fear.

    To be continued.

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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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