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    I instantly broke free from David when i saw Samuel enter my room. My heart furiously pounded while my legs shook, as he sat on my bed with a blank expression……

    David just stood with a smile on his face as he stared at Samuel who just pretended as if he didn’t notice his presence,

    “My guy how far nah” i heard David say, as he drew close to him with an extended right hand, which he unhappily shook with a dry smile on his face. I felt like disappearing like a ghost as i watched them with frightened eyes……..

    “Baby i have to get going, we will continue our discussion later, okay!” David said with a smile before leaving my room, while all i did was just to stare at him silently, because i really was extremely confused that moment…….

    “Here are the movies you asked me to buy” Samuel said coldly, as he stood up with a nylon bag, immediately after David left, while i drew closer to him and stared into his eyes, but he instantly looked away…….

    He dropped the small nylon bag, which instantly opened as soon as it landed on my bed, revealing a plate of ice cream, a well wrapped cake and two DVD plates, which i eyed hungrily as soon as i saw them…….

    “I’m going to my room, do have a nice evening” he added with a cold tone, which sent shivers down my spine. I instantly reached for his right hand, which i held tightly with shaking hands.

    “Why are you leaving so soon, and why is your voice so cold?” i asked, even though i knew the reason he was angry, but naturally as a girl i pretended not to know, moreover i equally owed him no explanation, because i wasn’t yet officially his girlfriend…….

    “Please i’m very tired, we will talk later” he replied, without even looking at me, while i bit my lips as i cursed David in my mind,

    “What you saw earlier, dosen’t mean anything, he just forced himself on me” i tried to explain, which i really did with a whole lot of courage, because i hate explaining my actions to anyone, and i equally had to do it, because i very much cared about him, but my explanation only made him more angry, and his eyes furiously burned as he looked up at me in a way i never had seen him look.

    “Let me go, you girls are all the same” he muttered, snatched his hand from my grip and left my room, while his last words smote my heart like a double edged sword…..

    Oh how it pains to be wrongfully accused or suspected……
    I battled with my pride as i watched him leave. Truly I felt like following him to his room that moment and continue with my explanation, but i held myself,
    “Let him be for now, don’t go after him, you are a girl for Christ’s sake” my mind advised me…….
    I locked my door and la!d on my bed, while my thoughts kept me company as i wondered and reasoned how Samuel must have felt when he saw David and i hugging.
    “But it was just a friendly hug nau” i reassured myself and sighed……
    I really was confused on how to approach Samuel or apologize to him without appearing cheap, because there really was nothing i hate more, than a girl begging a guy over anything,
    “Hmmm i did that as a little naive girl, i don’t think i will stoop so low for him” i muttered to myself, even though my mind wasn’t strong as i sounded……
    Two hours later, i left my room and knocked on his door, which opened a minute later, but it wasn’t Samuel who opened the door, but one of David’s friend who also was our neighbour…….
    I gasped in surprise when i saw him, because i knew he wasn’t friendly or close with Samuel, but i kept my thoughts to myself, as i forced out a smile and entered into the room…..
    I panicked and shook in fear when i equally saw David sitting on a plastic chair with a smile on his face, while Samuel sat on his rug and faced his television. I smelt danger immediately, even though everything appeared normal inside the room….
    “Hahaha your friend is already here, we have to get going” David said with a smile as he nodded to his friend, who was at the door, stood up and shook hands with Samuel.
    “Don’t look at me that way nah, i just came to see Sam and also make him my friend, you know he hardly talks to people” He explained as he drew close and touched my left cheek, before leaving the room with his friend…….
    “Hope everything is okay?” i asked Samuel with concern, immediately we were alone, but he said nothing to me,
    “Talk to me nau” i anxiously pleaded as i held his left hand……
    “Everything is fine” he said with a dry smile, while i shook my head,
    “Your voice dosen’t sound alright, tell me what did he say to you?” i asked, but he just smiled again and stared at me,
    “It’s just boy’s talk and nothing you should know” he replied coldly, before facing his t.v again, while i bit my lips, stormed out from his room, and marched towards David’s room angrily…..
    Seriously i never knew i had such courage to march towards David’s room that evening unaided. I soon got to his door and knocked furiously. But i was caught off guard when a pretty slim girl opened the door and stared at me in surprise…….
    “eemm is David inside?” i managed to ask, but the girl just kept quiet and looked me over. Luckily David soon appeared with a smile behind the girl,
    “I know you will surely show up, Linda make way for our visitor to enter nah” i heard him say.

    To be continued.

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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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