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    He tried to kiss me again, but i politely pushed his face away, and his expression changed as he looked at me curiously,

    “Hope i no fall hands by confessing to you” he anxiously asked in pidgin english, while i bursted into laughter,

    “No dear you didn’t” i answered amidst laughter.

    he kept quiet and just watched me…….

    “It’s just that i have to get going, because i have a school assignment i wish to tackle this evening” i explained, while he shrugged,

    “Okay, but i do feel you are running away from me” he replied, and i breathed deeply,

    “Dear i will return once i’m done with my assignment” i assured him, while he shrugged again,

    “It’s okay and also remember to bring another plate of rice when coming” he added. I then got up with a smile and left his room……..

    I truly had no assignment to do that evening, but i only wanted to be alone for a moment, in order to control and calm myself down, because i didn’t want to betray my excitement, moreover his confession really overwhelmed me, because i never dreamt i’d be so lucky to have a male virgin, whom i like so much for myself……

    “Hmmm am i not a lucky girl?” i asked my image as i stared at my mirror with a smile, and just that moment i heard a knock on my door………

    I opened my door happily, because i thought it was Mariam, my best friend who was at my door, because she earlier promised to show up, but my smile quickly disappeared when i saw David standing at the door way…….

    “Hello pretty girl i came to keep you company” he said with a smile as he walked into my room, without even waiting for me to admit him in, while i froze in fear because everyone knew him as a Notorious Cultist…..

    However David really was a very handsome and rich guy, who spoiled himself by belonging to a cult group, and he so much was into it, that he was very popular within and outside the hostel and school environment, and he equally was a boy who thought the world only revolved around money and cultism……

    As he sat on my bed with a smile, i wondered what really brought him to my room, by that time of the day………..

    He crossed his leg as he stared at me with a confident smile, while i sat on my plastic chair and faced him with a drawn face. Even though i was scared, i never showed it.

    “Are you not happy that i came to your room?” I heard him ask, while i shook my head and forced out a smile,

    “I’m not feeling fine, and i was even about to sleep before you knocked” i replied……..

    “But i just saw you coming out from Samuel’s room minutes ago?” he asked knowingly. I just kept quiet and held my jaw with both hands,

    “But on a serious note why is a pretty girl like you, always hanging out with someone with no *swag*?” he asked with a serious look on his face. I breathed deeply as i stared into his eyes with disgust,

    “I like boys with no swag” i replied, in a manner which would even make a brave ‘jew student’ raise his eye brow in fear, but i cared not, because i really didn’t like even the air he breathed…….

    “Baby we are not quarreling nah? Please i’m also your friend” he said calmly, while i shifted uneasily on my chair,

    “I’m so sorry for the tone i used, it’s just that i need to rest, please” i said to him, while he shruggled, stood up and came to my side…….

    “Okay dear i will check on you tomorrow, please do take care of yourself” he said to me as he caressed my hair a bit, while i held my breath as i equally restricted myself from making any annoying comment, because his touch really was very irritating, but then i equally was more annoyed with his composure, because he just behaved confidently as if he owned both i and the hostel……..

    He finally left my room with a well composed smile, which really annoyed me more, but i soon forgot all about him as i rested for a while, before warming my rice, and dishing out some for Samuel as promised……

    However as i stepped out from my room with a plate of rice around 9:00pm, i ran into him again, as he was coming out from the hostel balcony, and he smiled as he saw me,

    “nne seems like you are now okay?” he asked jovially, while i smiled and passed him………

    Samuel was very happy when i brought the rice for him, and he thanked me countless times as he devoured it, while i smiled confidently as i watched him eat…….

    I really didn’t tell him about David’s visit, which appeared very irrelevant to be discussed at that time, but then a part of me really urged me to tell him, but i suppressed and kept it to myself, even though i really didn’t know whether i did the right thing, especially with the events which later unfolded (Another great mistake most ladies make)…….

    “Please can you sleep in my room tonight?” i heard myself ask Samuel, who froze for a while as he stared at me in surprise. I really didn’t know what pushed me to make such demand, but i guess it was because i was very scared of David and what he could do, which really didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then i equally knew in my mind that i secretly wish to spend the night with Samuel..…

    However i also knew what i did when i made such demand, because as a girl it could have been easier for me to sleep in his room, but because of my pride i had rephrased my demand, which i knew any sharp guy would understand the hidden meaning……..

    But Samuel really was lost on what to say, and he just stared at me for a while before he was able to find his voice,

    “Hope everything is okay?” he asked with concern, while i just nodded,

    “Yea it’s just that i’m having a bad feeling which is making me to be scared” i replied,

    “Don’t worry dear, i will be by your side tonight” he assured me with a smile, while i smiled in appreciation, even though i equally was disappointed that he didn’t insist for me to sleep in his room, which most guys would have done…….

    However nothing really happened that night in my room, even though we both la!d awake till very late in the night. I really was awake because it was my first time of spending the night with another boy, since i broke up with my Ex, while i easily noticed that Samuel was also awake, because he kept tossing around on my bed. I really didn’t know whether it was because he was uncomfortable in my room that made him toss around, or because he was summoning the courage to touch me…….

    He finally drew close and held me, which delighted me very much, but i kept quiet and pretended to be asleep. To my greatest dismay he didn’t go further or do anything else to me, before we finally slept…….

    Hmmmm, since that night, my respect for him equally grew, because he behaved like a real gentleman who he has always claimed to be.

    We woke up very late the following morning, and it was a steady knock on my door which really woke us, and i really was forced to open my door, when the person knocking refused to give up……..

    It was precisely 7:05AM when i opened my door that fateful morning, to see David standing on my door-way, with hands in his pocket, and a fixed smile on his face……..

    What was his plan?

    Did he get to know that Samuel and i slept together on the same bed the previous night?

    We’ll find out in the next episode.





    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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