Check Out These 10 Categories Of GirlFriends (Guys Step In)

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    This write-up focuses on the certain categories of girlfriends that will always spell trouble and almost never be the right prospects for a sane man

    1. The Ones Who Change Men Like Bathroom Slipppers
    While you are still wearing a bathroom slippers, some ladies must have changed up to 3 boyfriends.. They feel they are on top of the game because so many male suitors are chasing them here and there. You have to be tactical in dealing with these ladies else, they will dump you without any reason.

    2. Eatery Lovers
    The ones who love eateries as if their lives depend on it. They are always available at the mention of eatery. Even when they don’t have appetite, they will still point to expensive foods which they cannot even eat. Many at times, not even loss of appetite will stop them from feeding as if there’s famine in thd land

    3. Girlfriend Who Tags You Stingy When You Are Prudent In Spending
    Some girlfriends expect you to do the needful at the mention of money. When some ladies ask you for money twice and you give them excuses, you are tagged “STINGY“. The moment she realizes you are prudent in spending, she keeps telling you indirectly or tell her friends that you are a stingy dude.

    4. Gold Diggers
    Even if you don’t have that much money, you may still encounter girls that are interested in the last kobo you have in your pocket. A tell tale sign of a gold digger is the lack of a job. If some ladies have no motivation to support themselves, then odds are that their goal is to exercise their maga-rizm skill on you. Regardless of your financial situation, you should run the other way cos she’ll size you up within the first five minutes and drop you just as quickly if your cash flow doesn’t meet her standards.

    5. Girlfriend Who Remembers You in Time Of Need
    The moment some so called girlfriends start flashing you repeatedly, you can be sure she needs a favour from you **smh**

    6. Girlfriend Who Weeps Over Anything
    These are the categories of ladies who cry like babies at any slight provocation. The break down in tears when anything silly or bad happens.. She sees you with another lady, she will cry; you shout at her, she will cry; she lost her purse, she will cry. She will cry more ridiculous tears as the relationship wears on. Run from them!

    7. Girlfriends Who Are Obsessed With Marriage
    Many ladies are infatuated with the idea of marriage. They’ve planned out their lives to the finest silly details and they see happiness as some sort that they can create certain steps that they must have two children by the time they’re 32 and they had better be living in a cute house with a house maid who does good impressions. Needless I say, If any lady mentions making a family or getting married before you’ve even gotten to know her, run away!.

    8 The Chronic Cheaters
    The chronic cheaters announce their history of infidelity as if she takes pride in it. This type is easy to detect and get away from quickly. They are more cunning and they cheat without ever admitting to it even when you confront them directly. In this case, your only chance of finding out the truth is by asking someone who knows her well and whom you think you can trust.

    9. Secret Keepers
    These ones are unnecessary secretive. However, they hide everything, fb password, phone lock password, inbox messages ( just name it). They start feeling very uncomfortable when you are going through their phones. Ask for their social network password and they would threat to call the relationship a quit because you don’t trust them.

    10 High Maintenance Chic
    If she breaks a nail, she expects you to drop everything you’re doing and start consoling her immediately. She acts like a dummy maybe because their dads always told her she was a princess and she expects to be treated like one. Although she’s not necessarily after your money like the Gold Digger, she has expensive taste, and expects you to shower her with nice things and take her her out to posh places on a regular basis.



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