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    Hayden thanked the doctor for everything and he in turn advised him to handle everything with caution. He left the hospital with Mason and together they went to his office.

    Mason: Hayden. Why are we back to your office? I thought you wanted to go home to confront your wife.

    Hayden: Yes I will but before I see her, I want you to please help me get someone you can trust to please go to my house and collect my children. I will call her to allow the person have access to them.

    Mason: to where if I may ask?

    Hayden: Anywhere, I do not just want my kids in the house when I and Danica are having a confrontation.

    Mason: Alright, Let me call my sister to go to your house and fetch the kids. I will tell her to tell the mother that you want to go and spoil them a little.

    Hayden: That is fine by me.

    Mason put a call through to his sister and instructed her on what to do. Few minutes later Hayden called Danica and told him to allow Mason’s sister have the kids for he wants to take them out of which Danica allowed and she left with them.

    Hayden: now that my children are out of the way, I need a favor from you.

    Mason: Anything man, just name it.

    Hayden: I will need to have one of your guest rooms in your popular hotel one of these days for I and my kids. I do not want to stay in that house any longer.

    Mason: what about your other houses?

    Hayden: I have sold all my houses, Lands and properties. Even as I speak with you now, I have given away this office.

    Mason: When and why? Why will you give away all your hard earned investments?

    Hayden: you should not worry about it. I have investments outside the country. You see, since I learnt what Danica had done, I started planning on leaving the country with my kids if the result came out positive.

    Mason: what about your kids?

    Hayden: will need to get all of their visas ready as soon as possible. I am leaving the country and never coming back.

    Mason: what will you tell the kids about their mother?

    Hayden: will tell them she is dead for now. But I won’t give them the bad news until we have settled down.

    Mason: Don’t you think they will find out the truth when they come off age?

    Hayden: smiled wickedly ‘They will and by then, I won’t have to hide the truth from them anymore. Whatever they decide to do will be their decision to make and not mine but for now, I will make Danica pay for all the lies and betrayal.

    Mason: since it is your decision, who am I to object?

    Hayden: all the business I opened for her ceases to be hers from now on.

    Mason: whatever mehn! Thank God you never did any court wedding else it would have been disastrous for you.

    Hayden: ‘I guess I am lucky, am I not’ he smiled.

    Mason: Hmmm. What next now?

    Hayden: time to face the devil but give me a few minutes, there is someone I am expecting?

    Mason: Who is that if I may ask?

    Hayden: The person who I want to sell this company to

    Hayden: Alright.

    Few minutes later, the new owner of the company came with his lawyer while Hayden’s lawyer was present also. They went through all the necessary arrangement and came to a final conclusion but the papers were not signed that day, giving Hayden and his lawyer a few more days to finalise everything.

    After that, they drove to his house where Danica was busy reading “if you no get money hide your face” on Playloaded Blog.

    Danica: ‘Hello Honey, Hello Mason welcome. Please make yourself comfortable she said’ as she went to hug her husband who pushed her away roughly. What is the meaning of this?

    Hayden: Who is the father of our children?

    Danica: ‘I thought we talked about this, this morning? Why are you bringing it up again and in front of a stranger’ she looked at Mason.

    Mason: ‘Arrmmm, maybe I should get going’ he said as he made a move to leave the house.

    Hayden: ‘you are not going anywhere Mason, you will not leave this house’ he ordered.

    Danica: what has come over you Hayden?

    Hayden: walked towards her and said ‘who is the father, who is the biological father of our children’?

    Danica: how can you ask me such a question? You of course, you are the fa….She received a thunderous slap on her right check.

    Hayden: ‘who is the father of our children’ he screamed at her while she bent her head, holding her cheek for in the twelve years of Marriage, Hayden has never raised his hands on her ‘Who is the father of our children’ he asked again but this time, he didn’t wait for any answer and slapped her again on her left cheek and again on her right cheek without giving her time to answer his question or hold her both cheeks.

    Hmm… Are you feeling the heat? Please turn on the AC biko! But wait oo.. who is now the real father of the kids?



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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