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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this True Life Story, titled: “Broken Trust” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Danica: You have to go to work, I will take care of Brielle. I don’t want you to miss work. Don’t worry; move along, she pushed him to the door.

    Hayden: ‘Are you sure you can handle the situation?

    Danica: ‘Yes sweetheart, you do not need to worry’ she said and he walked away.

    Danica quickly dragged Sephia along with her when her husband left and boarded a cab to the next available hospital. There she bought two pint of blood for Brielle and hurriedly went back to where Brielle was admitted.

    Sephia: Mom, I thought you said you will donate your own blood, why do you have to buy blood?

    Danica: Honey, I do not share the same blood group with Brielle that is why I have to go and buy.

    Sephia: But why didn’t you tell Dad that you are going to buy blood?

    Danica: Because I do not want him to worry.

    She found the doctor attending to Brielle, she quickly handed her the blood she got and it was checked and administered to Brielle immediately. Later in the day, the doctor told her that she is in a more stable condition and they are allowed to go pay her a visit in her private ward.

    Danica: ‘Brielle how are you doing’ she said as soon as she stepped into her ward.

    Brielle: Mom! I am sorry; I didn’t mean to get into fight with my hostel mate. ‘She was the person that looked for trouble’ she said in a weak tone trying to sit up.

    Danica: ‘No! No…. don’t sit up else you will open up your wound’ she said because where she was stabbed was a little below her abdomen.

    Brielle: Mom, I said I am sorry.

    Sephia: Are you feeling better now?

    Brielle: Yes I am she said sadly, knowing fully well that her mother is not happy about the situation at hand.

    Danica: looking at her daughter’s countenance asked ‘what if we lost you? Do you know how devastating that would have been for your father and i?’

    Brielle: But Mom, it was not my fault.

    Danica: ‘I do not care to know whose fault it is at the moment young lady, when you get better; you better have a good explanation for your actions’ she shouted at her.

    Brielle: Yes Mom.
    Later in the evening after Hayden closed from work, he went to fast-food and bought food for them. When he got to the hospital, after seeing Brielle, Sephia and Danica briefly, he went to see the doctor to know about the update of Brielle concerning her health.

    Doctor: ‘Hello sir, please come in’ he said as soon as he saw Hayden by his door side, standing and waiting for him to attend to the people in his office.

    Hayden: Hello Doctor, thank you for taking care of my daughter.

    Doctor: ‘Do not mention, it is our job to save lives’ he said as he dismissed the people in his office for he has finished attending to them.

    Hayden: since she is out of danger, is there anything I would like to know doctor?

    Doctor: There is nothing for you to know unless the fact that she will be discharged tomorrow or next and will need to be coming here every two days for her wounds to be attended to properly.

    Hayden: ‘Thank you doctor’ he stood,shook hands with him and left.

    After staying with Brielle for a few minutes, Hayden took Sephia home with him, leaving Danica to spend the night with her. When they got Home, he quickly told sephia to go and freshen up while he did same and they lay on his bed together trying to catch some sleep.

    Hayden: Today was stressful isn’t it?

    Sephia:Yes it was.

    Hayden: Sorry about it, I am sure it must have been more stressful for your mother

    Sephia: why did you say that Dad?

    Hayden: Well because your mother has been the only one attending to your sister. It hasn’t been long you were discharged and she is in the hospital with Brielle again, you know she hates hospitals.

    Sephia: Yes I do.

    Hayden: And you also know she gave out blood to your sister don’t you?

    Sephia: No I don’t. When did she?

    Hayden: You mean you don’t know the fact that your mother gave out blood to your sister?

    Sephia: Dad she didn’t. She didn’t give blood to Brielle.

    Hayden: Maybe you were not there when she did it.

    Sephia: ‘Dad’ she sat up, ‘I was with Mom the whole time, mom did not give out any blood to Brielle. What she did was go to the nearest hospital after you left for work to go buy blood and she bought two pints of blood.

    Hayden: ‘Really’ he sat up immediately when she said it. But your mom told me she will.

    Sephia: Well she didn’t.

    Hayden: How come, what happened?

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    Watch out for episode 7.

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