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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this True Life Story, titled: “Broken Trust” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Danica: Wow! That is so sweet of you.

    Hayden: Brielle is your favorite child; i noticed she seemed happy today. Did you ask her why?

    Danica: I didn’t, since she didn’t spill it out of her mouth herself no need asking her.

    Hayden: she is your favorite child why?

    Danica: Maybe because she is my first child and my first fruit. I don’t know but it doesn’t mean I do not love the rest of my kids too. Like you, you do love Laken your first son so much and why?

    Hayden: hahaha…do not know. Maybe fatherly love I guess.

    Danica: Yea, specially to your first son right?

    Hayden: Alright, I get it. We both love our children equally except some of them have special places in our heart. Satisfied?

    Danica: ‘Satisfied’ she said smiling.

    After a few minutes of silence, Hayden spoke out.

    Hayden: Do you remember when you told me you were pregnant with our first child Brielle?

    Danica: ‘I remember, I remember how you were so happy and scared at the same time’ she said smiling.

    Hayden: Yea I remember and thank God we did the right thing by getting married immediately considering the fact that I already told your parents.

    Danica: hahahaha. Now she is a big girl.

    Hayden: Yea she is, though I still feel she looks and act a little different.

    Danica: What do you mean?

    Hayden: I mean, she doesn’t look like you or me and forgive me for saying this but she doesn’t look like your siblings or parents either. Her resemblance is not of someone I have seen. She is so different from the others.

    Danica: Maybe she looks like my great grandparents or your grr…eat grand parents she stammered. Maybe someone who is long gone that our parents can’t remember or maybe she decided to look like no one but herself.

    Hayden: Really?

    Danica: Yea. What about Laken?

    Hayden: I see a little of myself in him, maybe that is why our bond is strong.

    Danica: Parker and Sephia?

    Hayden: They seem to look a little bit like you but other than that, I don’t see any resemblance with any family members of the family or me.

    Danica: You sef, you are very silly. Those kids are yours ooo. This one you are saying this to me.

    Hayden: hahaha. I am not saying anything. I know they are my kids and I love them with all of my heart. I also trust you with everything in me.

    Danica: That is so sweet of you and thanks a lot for it.

    Hayden: it’s good to be home again with my family. No more travelling for weeks or months. You and the kids have me, all to yourselves.

    Danica: ‘I am so glad you finally decided to have your location here which will make you more stable at home. Too bad the kids are all in boarding house so it is you and me all alone’ she said smiling and trying not to distract him from driving

    Hayden: ‘Yea! Just you and I’ he added.
    Few weeks later, while Danica and Hayden were alone having lunch in their home, they got a call requesting their presence in Sephia’s School. Danica and Hayden left their food and quickly rushed to her school.

    Caregiver: Thank God you are here, she has been asking of you guys. Please come with me. Hayden and Danica rushed to where their daughter was and gave her a tight hug.

    Hayden: How are you doing? Caretaker, when did she fall ill without notifying us on time?

    Caretaker: We didn’t notify you on time because we thought it is something we can handle and since she has been requesting for you, we decided to give you a call and alert you.

    Hayden: when did it start?

    Caretaker: Last night to be precise.

    Hayden: Alright, she will be going home with us if you don’t mind. We need to get her to a hospital so that a proper test can be done on her.

    Caretaker: That is okay, Let me get her things ready for you.

    Danica: As soon as the caretaker left, she asked him ‘Do we have to take her to the hospital for medical checkup when we get home?’

    Hayden: What kind of question is that? Why can’t we take our own daughter for medical checkup?

    Danica: It is not that, I just feel she is a little home sick. After a couple of days at home, I believe she will get better………..

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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