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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this True Life Story, titled: “Broken Trust” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Danica: Do wetin?

    Louie: How you take hold body for long?

    Danica: hahahahaha. Louie you need to get busy, that is the only thing that will take your mind off sex.

    Louie: Get busy ke? With what na?

    Danica: with your business of course.

    Louie: I employ people to run my supermarket for me and it is doing fine. I only go there to check how my business is doing once in a month isn’t that okay?

    Danica: why don’t you think of opening another business?

    Loiue: noooo. I am okay with the one I have at the moment. It is doing fine on its own. Is it because I asked you how you were faithful while your husband was always away from work that is why you are telling me all this?

    Danica: yes na. that is one of the reason behind me not missing my husband all those years.

    Loiue: you strong ooo. Even if I have all the businesses in the whole world, my night is always lonely. I need a man who will be by my side till morning comes.

    Danica: Louie, this is not zeeworld oooo, it is reality and we have to face it. Our husbands have a lot of responsibilities and I can understand their going away from home most times.

    Louie: I understand but it is too much joor. My husband has been away for like three months. He comes home most times on Friday and leaves very early on Monday morning. You know this Harmattan we need our husbands like never before she said, eyeing and at the same time smiling at the woman she has come to love as a friend.

    Danica: Wo! Louie, I know and I i understand but as it stands now, there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. Except you and your husband will have an agreement if you will be going over with him since your only child is in the boarding house?

    Louie: Hmmm, Stanley agreeing to that kind of suggestion is impossible. I was even thinking of telling him to get me a vibrator?

    Danica: A what?

    Louie: A vibrator na. Sex toy!

    Danica: and will he agree to that even if you suggest it to him?

    Louie: I don’t know, I will try my luck.

    Danica: hmm, Alright. Good luck to that.

    Louie: Do you think he will agree to it?

    Danica: I have no idea, he is your husband and you are in a better position to answer that question.

    Louie: if you say so. Let me get going, I want to go to the market and buy some food stuff. Hope you will be going to visit Briella and the others on their visiting day?

    Danica: Yes I will and thanks for stopping by. My regards to your husband.

    Louie: he will hear. Bye!

    Danica: ‘bye’ she said as she walked her outside her apartment.
    Louie and Danica have been Neighbors for Five years when she and her husband rented one of the flats owned by Danica and her Husband. Since then, Louie and Danica once in a while spend time together to talk about happenings in their homes.

    Hayden left Mason in his home to his family later in the evening, met his wife at home watching zee world.

    Danica: Hey Honey, welcome home she went and hugged him.

    Hayden: Thanks Honey. How was your day?

    Danica: It was fine. Just staying at home, doing nothing.

    Hayden: Didn’t you go and check how your business is doing?

    Danica: I will do that next week not this week.

    Hayden: Why not this week? What happened with going this week?

    Danica: Nothing. Just want to stay at home.

    Hayden: Alright.

    Danica: ‘let me get your dinner ready then’ she went ahead to serve his food on the dining table. After he finished eating, he went ahead to the sitting room to watch a football League going on and Danica decided to use this medium to talk to him about visiting the children during the weekend. Honey, Remember this weekend is our kids visiting day.

    Hayden: I have even forgotten sef. Hope the things they will need is ready?

    Danica: Yes they are ready. Just wanted to let you know in case you have your Saturday planned out already?

    Hayden: Thanks for notifying me. Will adjust whatever I have to do this Saturday.

    Danica: Alright. How is Mason? How is he dealing with the heartbreak?

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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