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    Hayden: ‘really’ he sat up from bed ‘About what if I may ask’?

    Danica: about the fact that I told you to go home when I could have told you the truth that I can buy blood for our child.

    Hayden: Oh! That, I thought it was something else.

    Danica: Were you expecting me to tell you something else?

    Hayden: No sweetheart. Are you sure?

    Danica: what kind of question is that and why all this questions this night?

    Hayden: Nothing sweetheart. I just wanted to be sure that you have never lied to me.

    Danica: starred straight into his eyes and took his hands into hers ‘I have never lied to you, I have never been unfaithful to you in all the years we have been married.

    Hayden: ‘I know that and I trust you so much’ he kissed her on her lips. ‘I love you and our children so much, never you forget that’.

    Danica: ‘Thanks Honey. Thanks for being a wonderful father to our children and I, you are the best’ she said and hugged him tightly.

    Hayden: ‘you too Honey’ and they went to bed.
    The following day, Danica left to the hospital immediately her husband left for work to collect the result of the test. When she got to the hospital, she met the doctor and enquired on the result of the test.

    Danica: Is the test result ready?

    Doctor: ’Yes it is, Please give me a minute let me get it for you’ and stepped out.

    After few minutes, he came back with the result and handed it to her.

    Danica: she collected it and went through it and said Errmmm Doctor, is there anything my husband told you?

    Doctor: Something like what Madame?

    Danica: Anything aside this test result?

    Doctor: No Madame, what could he possibly have told me?

    Danica: ‘Doctor see, I have enough money’ she brought out bundle of money and showed him. ‘How much did he pay you, I will pay you double. Just let me know if he told you anything’.

    Doctor: Madame, What are you talking about?

    Danica: Ermm. Did my husband talk to you about anything?

    Doctor: About what in particular?

    Danica: Anything out of the ordinary.

    Doctor: No he didn’t. ‘Except if you may want to specify what he may have talked to me about.

    Danica: Never mind doctor, thanks for the result. I will get going now.

    Doctor: ‘Alright Madame, do take care of yourself’ she stood and left the hospital premises wondering why her husband was asking her questions last night for she didn’t sleep well because she was worried that he may have found out.

    Danica: ‘Maybe I am just being paranoid over nothing, he loves his children so much and I have not given him anything for him to think otherwise about them. He must never find out the truth about the paternity of his children no matter what’ she said to herself and called a cab to take her home.

    Immediately she left the hospital, the doctor called Hayden and informed him about what just happened between himself and his wife and Hayden thanked him for keeping him up to date but never asked if the test result was ready for he wasn’t ready to find out the truth about his children.

    After he ended the call, he shook his head and was so angry at what he learnt. He told Mason who was with him in the office what the doctor told him.

    Mason: I can’t believe what you just told me. ‘No, it is not true’ he shook his head

    Hayden: ‘You better believe every word that just came out of my mouth, It is true ooo’ he said and laughed.

    Mason: Why are you laughing, is this funny?

    Hayden: I feel like life is playing a tough game with me; ever since I married Danica, I have never looked at a woman twice. How could she do this to me?

    Mason: Take heart my friend but with what you are telling me and what is happening to you at the moment; to be sincere, I fear women.

    Hayden: I asked her last night if she has ever lied to me and could you believe what she said?

    Mason: What did she say?

    Hayden: She looked me straight in the eye and told me that she has never lied to me and neither has she been unfaithful to me.

    Mason: She said that?

    Hayden: She said it boldly; If not for what I just found out, I would have believed her.

    Mason: That woman can kill, she is wicked.

    Hayden: sober ‘where did I really go wrong in my marriage that I am being punished in the most wicked way’ he said with tears in his eyes. Where did I really go wrong? Arrggh! I am finished.

    To be continued after some comments.

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