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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this True Life Story, titled: “Broken Trust” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

    Hayden: Guy, put yourself together. You cannot keep on wallowing in self-pity. Man up and move on abeg.

    Mason: Hayden, how do I do that when I have invested my all in this relationship? I gave her all of me and to be sincere, I really truly loved Ujunwa. I loved her with everything in me. But why? When we are planning to get married in the next three month, why could she allow the devil to use her to this point?

    Hayden: You should be happy that you caught her red handed in the hotel you booked for the both of you. It means that God is trying to show you the kind of person she is. As for me, I am happy you caught her, else it would have been a case of you fathering another person’s child thinking it is yours.

    Mason: he shook his head ‘women are evil, they are wicked’. Look at all of them he said pointing to the young ladies passing by ‘they are all wicked’. ‘None of them should be trusted. With what Ujunwa did to me eh! I am not sure I will want to harbor any woman in my house again. I am seriously thinking of paying a woman off to have a child for me instead of getting married to this devil’s I see around me’.

    Hayden: Where do you plan on doing that?

    Mason: Naija here na. afterall, all this evil called women will do anything for money. I can pay them off after the child is able to stay with me without the mother.

    Hayden: I do not think that is a good idea, i understand you are still angry over what Uju did. Take your time to heal, you will find a better woman out there.

    Mason: Are you really sure? Look at me now; I am almost forty years of age. I am rich, good looking but not married. I have no child of my own and I want a child to call me father since I cannot have a wife. Time is no longer on my side Hayden.

    Hayden: Relax your mind about it, with time you will find someone who will love you for real and not your money.

    Mason: Looking at you right now, I envy you. While I was busy making money, you did away with the little you have and got married to Danica. Now you are blessed with Brielle, Laken, Parker and Sephia. Even though I may be a little richer than you but you did well on your own by getting married on time. Brielle is Eleven abi Twelve years old?

    Hayden: She will be Twleve this year.

    Mason: And you are Thirty- nine abi?

    Hayden: That’s right.

    Mason: That is exactly what I am talking about.

    Hayden: ‘What are you talking about again? I don’t get you’ he asked looking confused.

    Mason: You are still young and your children still have time to bond and play with you, unlike me that if by God’s grace I give birth this year, my child will be twenty while I am sixty in twenty years. I will be old cargo in their generation. I won’t have the time to play or bond with my kids because I will be too old for that.

    Hayden: Hahaahahaaha. Mason. You are funny I swear. Don’t think of it that way abeg. Just have kids that will look after you in your old age is all that matters please.

    Mason: Why you no go talk like that na. You think say I no dey envy you the way you and your children dey play around anytime I come your house? Na my fault sha. Because I too chase money forget everything behind and this is the repercussion.

    Hayden: when I dey tell you to marry before me you no gree hear word, na now wey Ujunwa cheat on you with another man you come dey regret your actions. I no warn you?

    Mason: ‘Forget that talk. Na baby Mama I go dey look for from now on, i no marry again. Who marriage help? Women with their evil hearts and intentions’ he said lost in thoughts.

    Hayden and Mason have been childhood friends ever since Hayden’s parents relocated to Gwarimpa Estate when he was a teenager. He met Mason on his way to school and ever since then, they have become good friends.

    Hayden is married to Danica and blessed with four kids named Brielle, Laken, Parker and Sephia even though in the early years of their marriage, things were tough for him and his family which resulted in him travelling a lot to other states for contract jobs while Mason on the other hand has not been so lucky in love.
    Danica’: Girl, how your husband na’ she asked her friend who came to pay her a visit as she poured out wine in her glass cup.

    Louie: hmmm, that man that I don’t know when he will ever be stable in his life? He is fine jare.

    Danica: Louie you too complain. He is trying to be a good husband and father to his kids by providing for them all they need. You of all people should try and understand the reason he is always away from home is because of work.

    Louie: Danica, how did you really do it? Your own case was even better than mine and the rate at which this his travelling is going, I am not sure I can be faithful to him ooo. Body no be firewood na.

    Danica: ‘hahahaha. You better no allow another person hear wetin just come out of your mouth ooo. I no dey ooo. You mean say you no fit stay as you dey so’ she asked looking at her in a funny way.

    Loiue: I can’t biko. Let us be sincere with ourselves, can you stay without sex for three months?

    Danica: I have stayed for more than that sef, though it wasn’t easy.

    Loiue: Ermm, how you take do am?

    To be continued.



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