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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this fascinating story written by Onihaxy, titled: “Adebimpe The Facebook Girl” and here is Season 9 with a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    I tried sleeping all through that Saturday night but sleep refused to come, each time I close my eyes to catch some sleep, I ended up having fears with my heart beating so heavily that my eyes were wide open and several thoughts going through my mind till the next day. I couldn’t go to church on Sunday and I was on my bed still thinking.

    “Why has Bimpe not called me back since?”
    “I just hope it’s not what I am thinking?”
    “I hope Henry hasn’t killed Bimpe and her daughter out of anger?
    “Or maybe he has chased both of them out of the house?”
    “I just can’t imagine what will happen when this whole thing blow out to open?”
    “Onihaxy, this is your world crumbling right before you”
    “What do I do now?”
    “Who do I turn to now?”
    “Should I open up to Segun?”
    “I am so sure that he is going have a positive suggestion and a way out “
    “But how is he going to feel when he realized that I have been hiding things from him all this while?”
    “I am sure he will definitely forgive me”
    “I think it’s better to spill everything out to him so that I won’t be alone in this situation”
    “But how do I express myself when I have already sworn an oath with Bimpe?”
    “This is death knocking on the door Onihaxy”
    “But of what need is it for me to be alive if everything spilled out to the public and I ended up loosing my dearest Betty?”
    “I am even sure of it that Henry will hire assassin to murder me when he discovers that I am Daniella’s father”
    “Opening up to betty isn’t even an option”
    “She might kill herself on hearing this”

    It was a very tough and hard decision for me but I had no choice, the whole world appeared crumbling and it appeared like I have nothing else to hold on to. I was all alone in my problems and it looked like there would never be a way out for me. I made up my mind that I was going to share my problems with my only friend Segun whom we have been into this mess together right from onset. I recharged my phone online and I was about to call Segun when my phone began to ring, I looked at the screen and it was a call from Benita. Reluctantly, I picked up the call.

    ME: hello Benita.

    BENITA: hi Onihaxy, how is your weekend going?

    ME: fine, and yours?

    BENITA: fine too. I’m bored here at home and I wanted to come to your place, so I said I should inform you.

    ME: **cracked voice** eeyah, I am not at home right now, I am somewhere on the island for a friend’s birthday.

    BENITA: ok. But Onihaxy, why is your voice cracking somehow?

    ME: its cough and cold.

    BENITA: Are you sure?

    ME: yes.

    BENITA: ok dear, please take some drugs.

    ME: thanks dear.

    BENITA: but you will be coming home tonight right?

    ME: I am not too sure of that yet. It’s likely that I will be on the island till tomorrow morning and I will be going to work from there.

    BENITA: hmmmmmm, you have started avoiding me again abi?

    ME: haba Benita, it’s not like that. I have already planned how I was going to spend the weekend. I wish you have informed me before now; I would have stayed at home because of you.

    BENITA: alright dear, I will visit you next weekend then, since your bank and your mummy refused to retain me.

    ME: it’s not like that jaree. There is too much of politics in that place,if you aren’t really connected to top bosses, retention after projects is always difficult.

    BENITA: hmmmm, but do I still have hope?. I mean, is it still possible for the bank to absorb more people?

    ME: I can’t really say, but it’s possible. I will find out when I get back to work tomorrow morning.

    BENITA: ok, will you call me tomorrow?

    ME: sure, I will.

    BENITA: no problem. I will be expecting the good news call. I have booked next weekend to see you ooo, don’t tell me that you won’t be at home oooooo.

    ME: ***took a deep breath*** if I am still alive till then.

    BENITA: what sort of statement is that Onihaxy?, I don’t like it.

    ME: no one knows tomorrow dear, death is a sure ticket that everyman must obtain one day.

    BENITA: I heard you sir, talk to you later.

    ME: alright. Bye.

    I ended the call, summoned all the courage and placed a call to Segun after making up my mind to be ready for anything that happens after. His phone was ringing and my heart was beating heavily and faster with tears rolling down from my eyes, everything appeared as if it was my very last call before answering the heavenly call. Finally, Segun picked up.

    SEGE: hello Onihaxy

    ME: hi Segun

    SEGE: what is wrong with you?, what happened to your voice?

    ME: ****took a deep breath**** Segun, I am about to die.

    SEGE: God forbid. Why will you be talking like that?, do you think death is something to joke with?

    ME: I am not joking Segun. As a matter of fact, this will be my last call on this planet earth.

    SEGE: don’t scare me Onihaxy. What happened exactly?, did Betty break up with you?

    ME: if it were to be that, it would have been better Segun. But with the look of things, it’s still going to happen definitely.

    SEGE: still going to happen?, I don’t get. Did she found out about what really happened to you and Adebimpe?

    ME: not yet Segun, but she will soon find out.

    SEGE: how will she find out?, are you going to tell her about it?

    ME:**sobbing** Segun, I am almost at the cross road now. Several things have happened that you aren’t aware of. I have several secrets that must not be revealed.

    SEGE: Several secrets?, what is it all about that you can’t tell me Onihaxy?

    ME: I wish I can reveal the secrets but I cannot.

    SEGE: why?

    ME: an oath was sworn between me and the person involved.

    SEGE: ***screamed*** oath!!!!!, Onihaxy!!!!!, but why will you join any cult to the extent of taking an oath?

    ME: ****sobbing****

    SEGE: is it money that pushed you into it?, or fame? , or what?, were you blindfolded when you were swearing the oath?

    ME: Segun, I don’t even know, I was deceived into it. It was after the act that I realized that I just had an oath.

    SEGE: ok, who is the person involved?

    ME: ***fear of death came upon me*** I can’t say it out, I will die.

    SEGE: hmmmmmmm, ok, what was the condition of the oath?

    ME: I can’t say it. I was told that I will die.

    SEGE: I am not asking you to tell me the oath, neither am I telling you to tell me the person involved or the content. I am just asking that what did you vowed not to do during the oath?

    ME: ok, I vowed that I will not say it out to anyone and that I will die if I utter it out to anyone.

    SEGE: hmmmmmmmmm.

    ME: now, the whole thing is haunting me and it’s about to pull me apart.

    SEGE: ok, let me get you very well. You mean that you said in the oath that you will not say it out to anyone? , I mean verbally?

    ME: yes

    SEGE: if that is the case, then it’s simple. Don’t say it out to me, just type it out on whatsapp

    ME: haa, is it not the same thing with saying it out?

    SEGE: no, it is not. You know one thing?, the gods are just like computer programmed algorithms, they only understand whatever code you input into them. It’s simply garbage in and garbage out.

    ME: are you sure of what you are saying Segun?

    SEGE: yes Onihaxy. I am 100% sure. Since what you said during the rituals was that you will not say it out and not that you will not type it out, then you are safe. But one warning

    ME: and what is that?

    SEGE: don’t ever attempt to say it out to anyone including me. I mean, don’t ever discuss anything relating to it with me. Let all the conversations be done on chat.

    ME: hmmmmmmm. I am scared Segun.

    SEGE: you don’t have to be scared. Let’s just end the call and come online.

    ME: ok then, let me say my last prayers incase anything goes wrong.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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