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    Many parents are fond of leaving their little kids in the parlour while they watch movies with lots of sex scenes, forgetting that the brain of kids are very open and can pick things faster.

    That’s why there are alot of children nowadays who say and do things that are so corrupt, and you’ll begin to wonder where they learnt it from.

    Taking care of a child doesn’t end with just sending the child to school and feeding that kid, what you expose your ‘child to matters and can either influence them positively or negatively.

    Every parent shouldn’t let their kids watch this 5 movies below:

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean
    This is not the main one acted by captain Jack Sparrow, ‘this particular movie was produced by a very popular movie producer, Jerry Bruckheimer with so many series of fantasy. Without doubt, it’s loaded with sex scenes from start to end. Letting your child watch such a movie means you are an irresponsible parent.

    2. Strike back
    It’s a British/American movie with lots of actions, and sex scenes. For an adult, the ‘movie’ is ok, but do not allow your kid stay with you while watching it. The television series is based on a novel sharing the same name and written by Chris Ryan, a former Special Air Service soldier.

    3. Spartacus
    We all know this movie, infact the sex scenes was one of the idea used in selling the ‘movie’. It’s an American television series produced in New Zealand and premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, hit the last season on the 12th of April, 2013. It’s not good for kids as there are many blood/sex scenes.

    4. Survival island
    Was released in 2005, and it’s an erotic thriller film which was written and directed by award winning Stewart Raffill and featured Juan Pablo Di Pace, Billy Zane and Kelly Brook.This three survivors had alot of sex in the movie which is totally not good for a child to see.

    5. Game of thrones
    It needs no introduction as it’s a popular movie which have succeeded in corrupting alot of children, but for the kids who haven’t watched it, please keep them far away from this movie as there’re alot of sex displays starting from the first season.

    Comment if you find this article helpful, share as well so it could reach other parents, thank you.




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